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Are you in search of a reliable and professional render cleaning service for your business? We offer expert render cleaning services in South Yorkshire. Our skilled team specializes in delivering thorough render cleaning services for your business helping you save time and money.

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Expert Render Cleaning Services in South Yorkshire​

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Cleaning your render needs to be done the right way.

At Blue Whale SWS, our team knows how to clean your render safely and effectively without causing any damage. We’ve seen cases where homeowners or contractors have tried to clean the surface using the wrong methods, and sadly, many have ended up damaging it. It’s important to take great care to protect your render throughout the cleaning process.

We rely on methods that are safe and have been proven to work.

Newly rendered properties look amazing, but over time, they can get stained by algae. These stains can be green, black, or even red. After deep cleaning to remove all those colorful algae stains, we suggest an annual maintenance treatment to stop spores from building up again. Some parts of the building, especially those without much sunlight or near trees, can stay damp and start growing new algae. This is common with render, but we can easily prevent it with our safe and proven methods and maintenance plan.

Painted render surfaces

Sometimes when they get dirty or covered in algae, people just paint over them again. But if you paint over living things like algae, the paint might not stick well or the algae could still show through. Cleaning the surface before painting not only gives you a clean surface to paint on, but it also gets rid of any dirt, so the paint sticks better. This means the paint will last longer and look better right from the start.

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