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Are you in search of a reliable and professional Roof cleaning service for your home? We offer expert roof cleaning services and moss removal services in South Yorkshire. Our skilled team specializes in delivering thorough cleaning and moss removal for the roof of your home helping you save time and money.
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Roofs are built to make rainwater flow off quickly. But when there’s too much moss and debris on your roof, the water can’t run away properly. Instead, the moss soaks up the rainwater, blocking it from going into the gutters and away from your home. When this happens, your roof stays wet for a long time because of the extra water.

This can lead to more issues like leaks and mold inside your home. Plus, the damp conditions are perfect for even more moss to grow on your roof. We can safely and effectively remove all the moss and stains on your roof, keeping your roof and your home safe.

Our Process

Our experts will check your property for any existing damage or issues and then block off your gutters to prevent any blockages. We use special carbon fiber poles that can turn 360 degrees and have a nozzle to help moss slide down your roof gently, using low pressure or steam. It’s like simulating a heavy rainfall, and the water just flows down the roof.

For stubborn spots like lichen, we use a solution that softens them up, so they can be easily removed without any force. All of this work is done safely from a tower or a lightweight cherry picker basket. You can be sure that no one will be walking on your roof during the process.Home

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    Roof Cleaning Prices

    Pricing for Roof Cleaning Services

    Are you wondering how much it costs to get your roof cleaned in South Yorkshire? Look no further! At Blue Whale SWS, we offer competitive prices for our roof cleaning services. Our prices are based on a standard, single-story home with easy roof access and a moderate level of moss infestation. This includes some heavier areas of moss but not fully covered, along with some moss growth on tile joints. Please note that additional charges may apply if there are extensions, garages, or conservatories on the property. *All of our prices are Exclusive of VAT. Contact us today for a free estimate!


    When considering roof cleaning, there are several additional services that you may want to take into consideration. One important factor is the level of moss infestation on your roof, which ranges from level 1 to level 5. Additionally, we ensure that all gutters are cleared out, and soffit and fascia boards can be cleaned as part of the service package. If your house has K-Render, we can offer a package that includes cleaning of your render, and we can also provide driveway and patio cleaning as an additional service during a home assessment.

    For most jobs, we use a Cherry Picker to gain safe access to the roof. The cost of roof cleaning can vary, so we recommend a home assessment to check all the additional services required before confirming a fixed price. We will always offer you a three-price option to choose from. To meet the guidelines of the 5-year roof warranty backed by SoftWash Systems, we pre-wash the roof with 900 psi water to remove moss, surface dirt, and grime. We then rinse the roof tiles before applying our SoftWash solution to kill and suppress regrowth. For roofs with a lower infestation of moss, we offer the option of deMossing and SoftWash treatment. However, this process can take 6 to 12 months to look clean and does not allow for our 5-year warranty. For more information on this, please ask.

    Roof Cleaning

    Prices start from £900

    For a tailored, no-obligation quote for your property drop us a message

    Gutter Cleaning

    2 Bed Property - From £79
    2/ 3 Bed Semi - From £89
    3/4 Bed Detached - From £99
    5 Bed Detached - From £129

    Fascia, Sofit & Outside of Gutter Cleaning

    2 Bed Property - From £89
    2/ 3 Bed Semi - From £99
    3/4 Bed Detached - From £109
    5 Bed Detached - From £139

    Conservatory Roof Cleaning

    2 Bed Property - From £59
    2/ 3 Bed Semi - From £69
    3/4 Bed Detached - From £79
    5 Bed Detached - From £99


    Terms & Conditions

    Thank you for considering Blue Whales Window Services for your residential window cleaning needs. By choosing our services, we aim to establish fairness and transparency for both you, the reader, and our valued clients. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions governing our business:

    1.0 Initial Visit Upon scheduling your first cleaning, a one-time charge will apply to account for the additional time required for the initial cleaning. The cost of this charge will be determined by your house’s size and the frequency of subsequent cleanings. Specifics will be outlined during the sign-up process. Should you opt for our Platinum Package, the FIRST cleaning session will be provided at no cost.

    1.05 Expected Outcomes Our advanced pure water cleaning system is highly effective at removing general dirt from your windows. However, it’s important to note that it may not entirely eliminate builder’s residue (such as plaster, concrete, and paint), adhesive materials or stickers, staining/discoloration caused by chemicals or rust, and UV-damaged window frames. If any of these specific issues are present, kindly notify us during the scheduling of your initial cleaning.

    1.1 Visit Frequency We offer scheduled window cleaning services on a four-week basis. We kindly ask for some flexibility in scheduling due to factors like inclement weather (such as strong winds or freezing conditions) and unforeseen circumstances. This allows for a one-week window before or after the scheduled time.

    1.2 Inclement Weather Although we make every effort to avoid cleaning windows in the rain, our services can still be performed during light rain or brief showers without compromising the results. In the case of heavy rain, your cleaning will be rescheduled for the following working day.

    1.3 Rescheduling or Cancellations We prioritize reliability and appreciate your reciprocal reliability. Resources and time are allocated for your scheduled service. If you decline our service upon arrival or cancel on the day of the cleaning without notifying our office, we reserve the right to charge the full expected fee and/or terminate ongoing services. Furthermore, if access to your property is restricted on the scheduled day, the full expected fee may be charged. Please understand that

    replacing your appointment with another customer on the day of cleaning is not feasible.

    1.4 Termination of Services Should you wish to discontinue our services for any reason, you have the right to do so by providing one month’s notice AFTER the initial 12-month period. To initiate the cancellation process, kindly contact us at 01302965205 or via email at Please be aware that one-time window cleans are not part of our service. By availing our services, you commit to a minimum of 12 cleaning sessions. If you terminate prior to the completion of 12 sessions, you will be responsible for settling the remaining balance.

    1.5 Complaints Procedure We consistently strive to provide exceptional service while cleaning your windows. Should you find any reason for dissatisfaction, please reach out within 24 hours of the cleaning. We will promptly arrange a return visit on the subsequent working day to re-clean your windows at no additional cost. Please note that complaints received after 24 hours may not qualify for a re-clean. While our policy does not include refunds, rectifying unsatisfactory work at no charge, provided we are informed within 24 hours of the cleaning date, is our commitment.

    1.6 Confidentiality We acknowledge the importance of safeguarding your privacy. All customer information is securely stored in a confidential database and will not be disclosed or discussed with any individual or entity, in compliance with the data protection regulations and the terms and conditions outlined.

    1.7 Payment Process For clients joining our four-weekly scheduled window cleaning rounds, payments are facilitated through our direct debit system called Gocardless. This system offers ease of setup for your convenience.

    For further inquiries or clarifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the provided phone number, email address, or visit our website at You can also find us at our address: Unit 12, Bankwood Lane, Rossington, Doncaster, DN11 0PS.

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