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Are you in search of a reliable and professional stone cleaning service for your business? We offer expert stone cleaning services in South Yorkshire. Our skilled team specializes in delivering thorough stone cleaning services for your business helping you save time and money.

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Stone cleaning needs special methods

Cleaning stone is more delicate than you might think. If you use the wrong method, you can easily damage the surface. First, you need to figure out what’s making the stone dirty. It could be things like algae, moss, lichen, stains from carbon, or even graffiti. Not every method works for all kinds of dirt, and if you force it, you could end up harming your stonework.

Blue Whale SWS specializes in safely removing natural dirt buildup.

We’re experts in getting rid of things like algae, mold, lichen, mildew, moss, and more. We use gentle cleaning solutions to soften and break down these contaminants before gently steam cleaning the surface, revealing the beautiful natural stone underneath. Once we’ve achieved the results you want, it’s important to keep the stone clean. You can do this by having us apply a professional-grade cleaning solution once a year. This way, your stone will always look its best without needing another deep cleaning process.

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